Signs You Have a Senior Horse

Are you questioning if your horse has reached that Senior stage in life?

Not sure of the signs or conditions that classify a horse as Senior?

Then read on for some tell-tale tips on spotting a Senior horse!

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  1. I would love it if you have any kinds of coupons that you could send me. I would love to try Nutrena Senior for my mare. She is 14yrs old and meets alot of these signs talked about above.

  2. I started feeding Nutrena Senior feed to my 17 year old gelding when his hair coat was not looking good and he was taking a long time to shed out in the spring. Now he sheds out normally and he shines like a copper penny.

  3. I have been feed my Mare senior for the last 12 years. she love it, she is 30. thank you nutrena

  4. I have nine senior horses. It takes a lot more care to keep them healthy. Appreciate Nutrena feed for making that possible, especially for my three horses with Cushings.

  5. My horse is a rescue and he is somewhere around 21 -23 years old… physically in great shape but we don’t ride him because he was so abused. He is like a pet to me… licks me like a dog and follows me around the pasture. I just wanted his last half of life to be filled with love! But I don’t think he’s ready for senior based on your description

  6. I absolutely love your feed. I started feeding my old mare Nutrena Senior about 7 +/- years ago. So many people are surprised when I tell them she is 34 years old. I honestly don’t think she would have made it this far without Nutrena.. I recommend your products to everyone I know with horses.

  7. Feeding senior and mare and foal to my 30 yr old rocky mountain horse. My vet suggested this combination. She is doing well

  8. I was introduced to Nutrena Senior feed when our feed store was running a promo. No molasses!?! Heck yeah! Sold! I’ll take 5 bags. I haven’t found a Sr feed that doesn’t have molasses in it. After 2 years later, we are still going strong with Nutrena Sr feed.

  9. I have a 44 year old horse with severe weight loss. I just started him on Nutrena Senior and will se how it goes. Cyndy

  10. I have 2 senior horses one 26 and one 30 and they’ve done well for several years on Nutrena Safe Choice for seniors, so I continue to use it. When people see my horses, they can not believe their age. I’m a firm believer in quality, good feed especially for seniors.

  11. My 32 year old Arabian is on a 50/50 mix of Safechoice Senior and Safechoice Perform. His coat looks amazing, he looks significantly younger than he is and has plenty of energy. He is walk, trot and canter sound as well.

    1. I have a 32 year old Arabian as well. Thank you for posting how you feed. My boy looks very well for his age, he’s spirited, sound, and great on the trail at any gait. Due to relocation from the Southwest to North Carolina – and from dry lot to pasture, I’ve been using Special Care for both my boys (the other is 22). I may transition my 32 year old to your method – makes sense!

  12. Love feeding this to our seniors and rescues. We rescue and breed. Two completely different operations one amazing feed program

  13. I have a coming 21yr young mare that is infoal for a late 2/2021 foal. Wondering if the senior feed would be good to feed her

  14. I loved Nutrena Pro Force Fiber but when u stop making it when transitioned to the Pro Force Senior & happier w it!

  15. I have an older qh roping mare who does so well on nutrient senior! She’s living her first winter up in the cold. She’s from down south and hasn’t dropped any weight so Far!!

  16. Nutrena senior has been amazing for my soon to be 19 year old gelding. He was dropping weight like crazy at 17 years old and I switched him to nutrena senior then and he is in AMAZING shape now!!! Thanks sooooo much for making such a great feex

  17. I started feeding nutrena safechoice senior in 2012. Next month my mares are turning 35 and 36 years old. The vet says they look and act like teenagers. We’ve owned them since they were 6 months old so we know their true ages!!

  18. I have a 25 year old Quarter Horse, ex-reiner, who acts like a youngster. I feed him Nutrena Pro Force Senior. It rebuilt his top line and he looks great and he has plenty of get up and go! Thank you for a wonderful product!

  19. Nutrena senior has been a staple in my horses lives for many years. I fed this to my senior horses and to my young thoroughbreds as well. I did research, of course, especially about feeding a Senior feed to young horses, and decided Nutrena Senior was the best option. 20 years ago, I had fed another brand of Senior, but then I attended a few meetings with Representatives from both companies at local feed stores and made up my mind to change to Nutrena Senior. I have never looked back. It is stable and processed in a safe facility that is not contaminated by other feed sources.

  20. We have several senior horses – one is 35 years old and we have been feeding Triumph Senior for a while. They look good and maintain their weight!

  21. I’ve got an 18 year old APHA stallion. We’ve got him on pro force senior. His 61st foal hit the ground this year. This is the first time we’ve not had to fight to keep weight on him.

  22. I use nutrena senior combined with empower topline and empower boost! My seniors never looked so good! Also use it for my babies! They look amazing too!

    1. I started using topline balance and started noticing more energy and smoother gait. Even her coat looks healthier.

  23. Senior feeds are a complete feed and you should be at tentative to the amounts required to maintain condition since they are often WAY higher than normal feeds. I have seen too many switched to senior then their owners are perplexed as to why they are loosing weight. Pay attention to the amounts recommended!

  24. I have had my senior horse on Nutrena Senior for almost 3 years now. You would never know he is going to be 23! He looks great and has plenty of energy!! Thanks Nutrena.

  25. My senior horse is going on 31 years and I have been feeding him Nutrena Senior along with joint supplements for almost 7 yrs now. I have tried other senior brands but wasn’t satisfied with the quality.
    Although he is slowing down, most people can’t believe he is that old. He still has bright eyes and a nice shiny coat, mane & tail. I only wish I had started him on the senior formula sooner. Thanks Nutrena

  26. Adding Nutrina Products did wonders for my 23 year old gelding. He lost a lot of weight one winter and was looking pretty thin. . Nutrina Safe Choice Senior and Empower Topline helped him gain his weight he looks like a 16 y.o.,

  27. I have been feeding Nutrena Special Care products to my senior and special needs horses for about 3 years now. I feel that they utilize feed better and am basing that on holding their condition with less feed. So, even though Nutrena is more expensive than some brands, I feel it is cost-effective.

  28. Our senior horses love your grain !
    we supplement with alfalfa / beet pulp mash three times a day
    We let him eat second cut even with quidding to enjoy the taste !

  29. My 32 year old quarter horse has been on Nutrena feeds his whole life. He is now on Pro Force Senior and has kept his weight and stamina. Very pleased with Nutrena and the changes they make to better their feeds.

  30. I have been using Senior feed on the recommendation of my vet for my 3 senior horses

  31. I have been feeding Nutrena Safe Choice Sr. for over a year now. It has done wonders for my 32 year old thoroughbred! Within a month I noticed a difference in his coat condition and his movement. I add water to his feed making a mash so that he is able to consume every last bit without dribbling, as he only has a few teeth left.

  32. My 32 year old gelding does extremely well on Safechoice Senior and my 15 year old rescue mare does beautifully on Safechoice Maintenance. Can’t beat the prices either!

  33. We have 3 senior horses that we feed Nutrena Safe Choice feed to. Also a 12 year old, that has had a history of stomach issues, who has done much better on Senior feed.

  34. I have my daughter’s pony who’s 25, she needs some weight, if there are any coupons for senior I would try it for her!

  35. I feed my senior Proforce Senior. Helps keep his top line in great shape. Higher fat content to help keep his weight up, and 17% fiber is always a good thing for the gut. Overall great feed.

  36. I love the special care feed for my 23 year old. Great nutrition and he thrives on it.

  37. Having always had some senior equines in our herd we have found Nutrena Sr a go to for many years, thank you.

  38. Nutrena Proforce Senior brought my 23 year old emaciated Arabian from 650Ibs to 870Ibs. Proforce in my favorite Nutrena Line and I will never go back! She has a beautiful coat and more energy and is a completely different horse thanks to Nutrena.

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