Improving a Horse’s Topline

Man looking at a horse's topline representing improving a horse's toplineIf you’re like most horse owners, as soon as you recognize there is a problem with your horse, your mind immediately searches for a solution. You may ask yourself, “how do I fix this?” and, more importantly, “how fast can I fix this?” The good news is that topline can be improved in a short amount of time. In fact, once a feeding program that provides the correct amino acids in the right balance is implemented (utilizing feeds that include Topline Balance), you may be able to start seeing results in your horse’s topline in as little as a few weeks!

Factors That Quickly Improve Topline

  • Feed the correct product. Products that include Topline Balance are: SafeChoice productsProForce products, and Empower Topline Balance products.
  • Feed the product at the recommended rate: Do the math on the feed tag and figure out exactly how much feed your horse should receive for their bodyweight and work level. Don’t estimate!
  • Next weigh it in a scoop and then ensure it’s fed every day; consistency is key!
  • Ensure others feeding your horse understand the importance of providing the correct daily feed amount.
  • Assess your horse’s topline and body condition monthly or more and adjust within the feed tag directions as needed, remember forage will change cutting to cutting.

Decreases In Topline Condition

It can happen faster than you may think possible. Topline condition, however, can start to deteriorate as quickly as it improves – in as little as a few weeks. The absence or inadequate supply of specific amino acids in the diet can lead to muscle atrophy. This is easily noticeable through simple visual observation.

Frequency Of Evaluation

Regularly evaluate your horse’s topline every 30-60 days to monitor and improve their progress and set a maintenance benchmark. We recommend more frequent evaluation for horse owner’s closely monitoring their feeding program in order to affect a change.

At Nutrena, we believe proper nutrition plays the biggest role for a lifetime of health and happiness for every horse. That’s why Nutrena horse feeds are specifically formulated for every life stage and activity level. 
Ready to ensure your horse is getting the optimum nutrition at feeding time, every time? Receive a customized assessment of your horse’s topline and find the right feed for your horse’s needs
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4 Replies to “Improving a Horse’s Topline”

  1. Would you be able to send me any coupons for the safe choice equine senior feed? I feed it as it should be fed and my older horses look so good. Ive been feeding it for the last 2 years. I’m on social security and the rising costs of even groceries leaves me with the decision,enough groceries for myself or my horses. My horses win out. Thankyou
    For your time and your product. Sandy

  2. I recently
    Over my horse to a new barn and he was started on Safechoice Original. Manager claimed that new horses always got fat at this barn so she backed off the amount being fed. He is. 17 hand Warmblood , ~1200 pounds and was previously fed 6 pounds (3 lb twice a day) and O/A hay. I discovered the other day that he is now fed 3 lb/day (1 lb three times daily) and Timothy hay. He has a little bit of a belly but I am concern that he may be losing muscle…his Topline already needs work. He is ridden 4-5 hrs per week. Would you recommend increasing the quantity of food, adding a ration balancer or both? Or a different food? He is a gelding, coming 15.

    1. Hello Elizabeth, Thanks for the question. We would definitely suggest moving him back to his previous feeding amount. 3 lbs per day of SafeChoice Original for a 1200 lb horse is simply not enough nutrients. The minimum feeding rate for a horse of his size, at that activity level, is 6 lbs per day. You may find you need to feed him a little more than that per day, temporarily, to give him enough calories, amino acids, and nutrients to make up for lost ground. Once he’s at the condition you want him in, then you can level off his daily feeding rate back around that 6 lbs per day mark. We don’t believe there is a need for a different product, just feed the current one at the correct rate and he will look great in no time!

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