Assessing Your Horse’s Topline

Assessing Your Horse’s Topline – A horse’s topline — the muscles that support the spine, from neck to hindquarters — plays an important role in how a horse performs, looks and feels.

But identifying and assessing this area does take a few steps, so we’ve provided some easy guidance!

Click below to visit and do an online assessment, with customized feeding recommendations specific to your horse’s needs!

Assessing Your Horses Topline

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  1. My horse.a hard keeper.29 yr old Arab gelding.terrible top line.just had teeth done by Doc T. Suggested more amino acids. Trying to find correct product. Starting him on proforce senior.but would prefer something with little or no molasses or soy bean oil. Suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Hi Patrice!
      Great questions! You are taking some good steps starting with the ProForce Senior, that will be a great product for your senior horse. Another product that might be a good option for your horse, is Empower Topline Balance. It offers an excellent combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, a great resource in determining some options for topline health would be to take the Topline Balance Assessment: This will give you specific recommendations for your aging horse’s needs!

      Best of luck!

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