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  1. I found the video not answering my question and that is what product does Nutrena make to offer more calories to horse to gain weight. It left me still not knowing what to add to my horses feed in regards to what product in particular do you offer to do just that.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your question and for visiting our blog. A great tool to help answer some of these questions, would be our Topline Balance assessment at toplinebalance.com. When you take this assessment, it will provide clear recommendations that address body weight and muscling, with suggested feeding options and rates. It will give you a variety of options based on your horse’s current condition and specific goals. Additionally, you can find a Nutrena reatailer near you by following this link: https://www.nutrenaworld.com/dealer-locator. We hope you find this information valuable, and please reach out to us if you have further questions!

      Emily L.

  2. I’ve had my horse since last September and he’s been ribby this entire time. Tried so many supplements and different feeds and nothing. I had him on SafeChoice Perform and Empower Boost but it did nothing for him. Today I’ve switched the ProForce Fuel and I might consider buying alfalfa pellets if the grain alone doesn’t help (he gets plenty of hay)

  3. There’s no alfalfa hay in my area. Going to use pellets or cubes. Any info on what would be best for an older horse? Just had teeth floated, he chews fine just looking for extra calories for him

    1. Hi Lori,
      Interesting question. Really no nutritional difference, depends on analysis of products. Cubes have an advantage if fed on the ground, which is common in some areas. Pellets may make a mash a bit faster if soaking for horses with limited chewing capacity.
      Best of luck!
      Roy J.

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