Tracing the Effect of Trace Minerals in Horse Diets

Trace minerals have a large impact on the overall health and condition of your horse. Feeding them in proper amounts AND ratios is key to helping your horse be as happy and healthy as possible!Understanding the impact of trace minerals in the diet of horses


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    1. Hi Glenda,

      Thank you for your question regarding soft soles. Trace mineral deficiency or imbalance can have an impact on hoof quality and hair coat quality. Zinc is one of the trace minerals that has an important impact on hoof quality. Amino acid deficiency, particularly sulfur bearing amino acids, can also impact hoof quality. Moisture conditions can also cause soft soles. If you have a horse with soft soles, you may want to consider a feed or supplement that does contain zinc, methionine and biotin and feed as directed.

      Roy J.

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