10 Replies to “How to Weigh your Horse Without a Scale”

  1. Love it, so easy! I just started fostering a rescue horse from Horses Healing Hearts Rescue out of Danville, CA and I really need to monitor her weight.

  2. Thank you for this handy piece of information. Now, no more guess work with how much feed or the right amount of medicine. This is why I only use Nutrena products!

    1. Hi Steven, Thanks for asking for clarification! Yes, you divide by 330 if you have a mature horse. The other numbers replace 330 in the formula if you have one of the other types of horses listed.

      Thank you ~ Gina T.

  3. Now what type tape do you use to measure from shoulder to rump? Thàt might explain why he has not made to a thousand pounds.

  4. This is a seemingly handy graphic but lacks an indication of units for the length and heartgirth measurements. Are they in inches or centimeters? Also, is the output weight in pounds or kilograms?

    1. Hi Erin,
      Great questions! This would be in inches and output would be in pounds. Appreciate you reaching out!


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