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Warm Temps & Water Consumption

The transition in temperature and humidity from cool season to warm season may require an adjustment in watering horses. Reduced water consumption may impair performance and may increase the risk of impaction colic. Also, horses that are not conditioned properly …

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Types of Minerals Used in Horse Feeds

In the case of minerals found in a bag of commercially prepared feed, the form of mineral used as an ingredient can be looked at.  There are a variety of types of minerals that can be used as ingredients, with …

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Minerals in Horse Feeds

There are a variety of minerals that are important in horse nutrition.  As we learned in previous blog posts, it is important not to put too great of an emphasis on any one particular mineral, although some do require greater …

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Measuring Minerals in Horse Diets

Minerals are generally listed in two ways on a feed tag guaranteed analysis.  Macro minerals, or those needed in larger quantities, are expressed as a percentage. They include calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur.  Micro minerals, or those …

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